Monday, February 20, 2017

Soul Survivor

Adrenaline Rush release their second album 'Soul Survivor' on 21st April.

Unlike their d├ębut, which was produced by Erik Martensson (Eclipse) who also wrote the majority of the songs, 'Soul Survivor' sees lead vocalist Tave Wanning collaborating with Fredrik Folkare (Firespawn, Unleashed) who brought fresh influences to the table. The album is described as melodic rock with a definite 80's flavour but 'a bit more complex, darker and heavier' than the previous album.

Tave says 'I didn't want to make another album just like the first one. I've grown since we recorded the first, I am in a different place. And I feel the album reflects that. The new tracks really compliment the old instead of replacing them; they add a new dimension and gives us a broader spectrum of songs to choose from when playing live'.

The band has also seen some changes with Sam Soderlindh and Joel Fox joining the band.

The full track listing for the album is:

1, Adrenaline
2. Love Like Poison
3. Breaking The Chains
4. Soul Survivor
5. Stand My Ground
6. My Life
7. Break The Silence
8. Sinner
9. Shock Me
10. Wild Side
11. Don't Wake Me Up
12. Crash
13. Soul Survivor (bonus track - digital version only)

Adrenaline Rush is:

Tave Wanning - Lead Vocals
Sam Soderlindh - Lead guitar, vocals
Alexander Hagman - Guitar, vocals
Joel Fox - Bass, vocals
Marcus Johansson - Drums

Tave Wanning Instagram

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Jamiroquai return with their new album 'Automaton' on 31st March. Jay Kay wrote and self produced the album alongside keyboardist Matt Johnson. The full track listing is:

1. Shake It On
2. Automaton
3. Cloud 9
4. Superfresh
5. Hot Property
6. Something About You
7. Summer Girl
8. Nights Out In The Jungle
9. Dr Buzz
10. We Can Do It
11. Vitimin
12. Carla

The album's title track is also the lead single and it merges Jamiroquai's disco-funk with an electronic edge. Check out the science fiction themed video below:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Got The World On My TV III


Things are getting a bit austere here in Tea & Symphony land. TBWTA I can no longer go to gigs - I've missed seeing The Pretty Reckless at Birmingham Institute and Karnataka at the Robin2 already this year. Next week I will miss seeing Sophie Ellis-Bextor too. They won't be the last gigs I'll be forced to pass on this year unfortunately.

As I write this Wolves are playing Newcastle United at Molineux. We have five consecutive home games but because they are late or evening kick offs I'm having to miss them all. I couldn't go to Anfield to see our well deserved F.A.Cup victory and I won't be going to the Chelsea home Cup tie either (now a sell out) or the away game at Reading, which would allow me to cross another ground off my list. I'm consistently having to make choices that are contrary to what I want to do in life - and that is a very strange position to be in...

Anyway, I'm going to console myself with a few videos. Hope you enjoy them...

Amaranthe - Boomerang (Video)

I love Amaranthe! Their music is a psychological release for me and is frequently on my ipod or in my car. This is their latest video from their recent album 'Maximalism'. Notably 'clean' male vocalist Jake E is absent from this video following his recent departure from the band. 

The Pretty Reckless - Oh My God (Video)

Having recently toured these here parts, The Pretty Reckless have released a new video. It's taken from their current album 'Who You Selling For'.


Benny Andersson's Orkestra - Latt Som En Sommarfjaril (Light As A Butterfly)

If you think that the stellar songwriting partnership of Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus stopped with ABBA, then think again. This beautiful track is from Benny Andersson Orkerstra's 2001 album and features an absolutely gorgeous vocal from Helen Sjoholm.  

Gry - Kom Og Kys Mig (Video)

If you're old enough to remember the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest then you may recall the Danish entry for that year, 'Kloden Drejer', sung by a sweetly pretty young woman named Gry Johansen. Gry later had some success in Germany with singer/producer Bernie Paul (under the name 'Bo Anderson'). Gry is now married and known as Gry Johansen-Meilstrup. This 2016 single is what she's up to now. 

Kim Wilde - Hey Mr Heartache (Azzuro 1988 - Italian TV)

I was listening to a Kim Wilde podcast on Neon Nights  a couple of weeks ago and it's put me in a Kim Wilde mood. So here's a clip of gorgeous Kimberley in Italy in 1988.  

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

People We Become

Jo Harman is a terrific blues/soul singer from South East England who has steadily built up a following on her own terms.

I first saw her at the Robin2 in Bilston in August 2013 where I bought a copy of her independently released debut album 'Dirt On My Tongue'. When the album was picked up by the Big Chill record label and reissued in 2014 I took it upon myself to review the album for Midlands Rocks.

On 3rd February 2017 Jo released her sophomore studio album 'People We Become'. It was recorded in Nashville, produced by Fred Mollin and marks another artistic leap forward for the young singer. Hopefully it will lead to the wider recognition that her talent deserves.

Check out the video to the lead single 'When We Were Young' which features backing vocals from Michael McDonald.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

John Wetton

I was heartbroken to hear of the passing of John Wetton this week. John was a tremendous vocalist, musician and songwriter with King Crimson, Roxy Music, UK and Asia to name but four.

I saw John with Asia several times in Wolverhampton and Cambridge and it was my privilege to interview him for Midlands Rocks in late 2014. I was really nervous about speaking to one of my heroes but he was a kind, intelligent, thoughtful, funny and fascinating man. He was great company and I could have talked to him for hours.

It's that conversation that I've gone back to this week, as well as his amazing voice and the fantastic music he left us. I'll miss him. R.I.P John....

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tell Me Something New: Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe are a roots rock band from Atlanta Georgia fronted by sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell. Their name is taken from their great-great-great Grandfather, who was a distant cousin of Edgar Allen Poe.

After releasing five EP's they released their debut album 'Kin' in 2014 followed by their sophomore album 'Reskinned' in 2016. With emphasis on harmonies, heavy electric and slide guitars and a roots rock sound they have drawn comparisons with the Allman Brothers but their sound also has a sassy pop sensibility to it too.


Friday, January 27, 2017

Tango In The Night

Amazingly it's been 30 years since Fleetwood Mac released their superb album 'Tango In The Night' and on 10th March it receives a Deluxe Edition Box Set reissue.

In addition to a remastered edition of the original 12 track album there is a bonus track of B-Sides (ask your parents!), outtakes and demos, a third CD of 12" mixes, a DVD of promotional videos and a vinyl version of the album (which old fogey that I am I bought at the time). Full track listing is as follows:

CD One

1. Big Love
2. Seven Wonders
3. Everywhere
4 Caroline
5. Tango In The Night
6. Mystified
7. Little Lies
8. Family Man
9. Welcome To The Room...Sara
10. Isn't It Midnight
11. When I See You Again
12. You & I (Part II)

CD Two

1. Down Endless Street
2. Special Kind Of Love (Demo)
3. Seven Wonders (Early Version)
4. Tango On The Night (Demo)
5. Mystified (Alternate Version)
6. Book Of Miracles (Instrumental)
7. Where We Belong (Demo)
8. Ricky
9. Juliet (Run Through)
10. Isn't It Midnight (Alternate Mix)
11. Ooh My Love (Demo)
12. Mystified (Instrumental Demo)
13. You & I Part I and II (Full Version)

CD Three

1. Big Love (Extended Remix)
2. Big Love (House On The Hill Dub)
3. Big Love (Piano Dub)
4. Big Love (Remix/Edit)
5. Seven Wonders (Extended Version)
6. Seven Wonders (Dub)
7. Little Lies (Extended Version)
8. Little Lies (Dub)
9. Family Man” (Extended Vocal Remix)
10. Family Man (I’m A Jazz Man Dub)
11. Family Man (Extended Guitar Version)
12. Family Party (Bonus Beats)
13. Everywhere (12″ Version)
14. Everywhere (Dub)


1. Big Love
2. Seven Wonders
3. Little Lies
4. Family Man
5. Everywhere