Friday, September 08, 2017

Dancing In The Rain

Yesterday The Fizz unveiled their new video to 'Dancing In The Rain', the first single from their forthcoming album 'The F-Z of Pop'.

Judging from the pictures posted on social media I don't think this is the video that The Fizz originally intended to make (the finished version seems more like a 'making of'') but, speaking as a Fizz fan from way back in the early eighties I don't really mind. I wasn't expecting a mind-blowing video a la Taylor Swift and it was just lovely to see them in a new video, to a new song after all these years. The song and the video made me smile, which is all I could have wished for.

Have a little look at the video below...


Monday, September 04, 2017

Got The World On My TV IV

I haven't done a video round up for a while, so here's a few of the things I've been watching/listening to of late...    


Steps - Neon Blue (Video)

TBWTA it's pretty tough in Dave World right about now. My annual leave year has just finished with me taking only 14 of  the 36 days that I was entitled to and each and every one of those days was taken up either with being a carer or University study. My last night out was in 2016. I see people on social media posting about their holidays and the chances of me being able to do that too are currently nil. I'm exhausted, physically and emotionally and I need freedom to breathe but I don't see that coming any time soon...

I thank the Gods of Disco, then, for Steps. Although 'No More Tears On The Dancefloor' is the song that I've taken to my heart from this album (I cried the first time I heard it) this song is on my positivity play list and helps to sustain me in dark days.  

Amaranthe - Maximize (Video)

The new video from Amaranthe which is also the title track of their latest album. The band have recently announced Nils Molin will be the permanent replacement for Jake E in the band.

Prince - Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad

Prince notoriously had a fractious relationship with You Tube and any clips of his music on the site did not last long. His estate seem to view things differently and a You Tube channel bearing his name has recently appeared. Judging from the quality of the clips and the regularity with which they are presented (every Friday) it would appear to be the real deal. Whatever, just glory in fabulous vintage Prince clips like this one and then go to here and enjoy all the others.

Device - Who Says

Device released just one album entitled '22B3' in 1986 and scored two modest US hits with 'Hanging On A Heart Attack' and this song. The band were powered by the song writing talent of Holly Knight (that's her on keyboards) and the production of Mike Chapman. It's all very eighties but rather fab. And that's a fine mullet you have there sir...! 

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

The lead track from the forthcoming album 'Reputation' which has pretty much broken the internet since it was unveiled in August. Taylor looks amazing, the video is dark and clever with Taylor's knowing sense of humour absolutely to the fore. Not my favourite Taylor Swift song by any stretch but it's pretty fabulous all the same.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Tell Me Something New: Dagny

Dagny Norvoll Sandvik - known simply as 'Dagny' - is a 27 year old singer from Tromso in Norway. She has signed to Universal Records and released her debut solo EP 'Ultraviolet' last year. as a digital download. Two singles were lifted from the EP ('Backbeat' and 'Fools Gold') and earlier this year she released a stand alone single 'Wearing Nothing'.

Musically she reminds me a little of Denmark's Oh Land but with a more commercial dance/pop sound. She's certainly on my radar as one to watch anyway!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Steve Miller Band - Ultimate Hits

The Steve Miller Band release a new 'best of' compilation 'Ultimate Hits' on 20th October.

It's released as a standard CD or a deluxe 2CD edition and it is the first fruit of Steve Miller's major deal with Capitol Records which will see the release of the Steve Miller Band's extensive back catalogue, under the direction of the man himself.

For me, I'm more excited about the back catalogue reissues, which are long overdue, but 'Ultimate Hits' serves as an introduction to a great band, with three previously unreleased studio tracks thrown into the mix for the hard core fans.

Full track listing for the 2CD edition is as follows:

Disc One

1. Steve Miller at age five, talking to his Godfather Les Paul
2. Gangster Of Love (live)*
3. The Joker
4. Baby's Calling Me Home*
5. My Dark Hour
6. Little Girl
7. Living In The Usa (live)*
8. Space Cowboy (live)*
9. Seasons*
10. Journey From Eden
11. Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
12. Going To Mexico
13. Kow Kow Calculator (live)*
14. Come On In My Kitchen (live)
15. Sugar Babe (live)
16. The Lovin' Cup (live)
17. Dance Dance Dance
18. Take The Money & Run
19. Rock N Me
20. Space Intro
21. Fly Like An Eagle

Disc Two

1. Wild Mountain Honey
2. The Window
3. Take The Money & Run (Demo)*
4. In The Midnight Hour*
5. Jungle Love
6. Threshold
7. Jet Airliner
8. The Stake
9. Swingtown
10. Serenade From The Stars
11. True Fine Love
12. Heart Like A Wheel
13. Abracadabra
14. I Want To Make The World Turn Around
15. Italian X Rays
16. Don't Cha Know
17. Cry Cry Cry
18. Stranger Blues
19. Behind The Barn

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Whitesnake '87

Whtiesnake release a 30th anniversary deluxe edition of their self titled album on 6th October.

The 4CD + DVD package features a newly remastered version of the album on disc one. As fans will know the US and UK versions of the album had a different running order and this version adheres to neither but follows the running order of the 20th anniversary edition, minus the bonus tracks.

Disc Two features twelve previously unreleased live tracks from the band's 1987-1988 tour while disc three presents almost the entire album in demo/rehearsal form as '87 Evolution Versions', all of which are unreleased.

Disco Four features newly remixed versions of the four singles from the album (Still Of The Night, Is This Love, Give Me All Your Love, Here I Go Again '87) along with a couple of radio mixes and tracks and tracks that were previously exclusive to the Japanese E..P 87 Versions.

The DVD features the promotional videos to the four singles, a 30 minute documentary, a newly filmed video to 'Here I Go Again' and unreleased footage from the 1987-88 tour.

Along with the discs the package features a 60 page hard cover book, photos, essays and lyrics and, currently retailing at £35 on Amazon looks pretty decent value. Full tack listings and further details can be found here.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Urban Psalm Live

In addition to being the creative driving force behind Asia, John Wetton & Geoff Downes also had their 'Icon' project, which resulted in three excellent albums between 2005-2009.

In January 2009 the duo performed a special concert at St Mary Le-Bow Church in London with a stellar line up that included Dave Kilminster, Panic Room's Anne-Marie Helder and former Electric Light Orchestra cellist Hugh McDowell.

The resulting DVD of the concert was initially only available on the artist's website but it has now received a mainstream release for the first time, as a 2CD + DVD set. According to the promotional literature this release is 'fully approved by Geoff Downes and the John Wetton Estate', so if you're a fan of Asia or Panic Room (and if not, why not?!) then this is a CD to snap up.

Full track listing is as follows:

CD One

1. Countdown To Zero
2. Go
3. I've Come To Take You Home
4. Twice The Man I Was*
5. Elstree
6. Voice Of America
7. The Die Is Cast
8. To Catch A Thief
9. Starless  

CD Two

1. Paradox/Let Me Go
2. Raven
3. True Colours
4. Heat Of The Moment
5. Rubicon
6. Don't Go Out Tonight*
7. My Own Time&
8. Days Like These
9. In The End
10. Rock N Roll Dream


Track listing as above, omitting tracks marked *

And this gives you a taster of what to expect...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Anthology 2

Steve Howe released a second compilation album, entitled 'Anthology 2' on 11th August. The 56 track, 3CD set incorporates his early work with The Syndicats, The In Crowd, Tomorrow and Bodast before progressing onto his work with Yes, Asia, GTR and beyond. Of special interest are some previously unreleased tracks recorded with former GTR vocalist Max Bacon. The full track listing is as follows:

CD One

Maybelle - The Syndicats
On The Horizon - The Syndicats
Finger Poppin' - The In Crowd
Blow Up - The In Crowd
You're On Your Own - The In Crowd
My White Bicycle - Tomorrow
Claramount Lake - Tomorrow
Revolution - Tomorrow
Why - Tomorrow
The Spanish Song - Canto
Beyond Winter - Bodast
Nothing To Cry For - Bodast
Roundabout - Yes
Montreux's Theme - Yes
Tempis Fugit - Yes
Heat Of The Moment - Asia
One Step Closer - Asia
Lying To Yourself - Asia
Masquerade - Asia*
When The Heart Rules The Mind - GTR
Toe The Line - GTR

CD Two

Brother Of Mine - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Dangerous - Yes (Backing Track)
Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day - Yes
Bring Me To The Power - Yes
From The Balcony - Yes
Nine Voices (Longwalker) - Yes
We Agree - Yes
Kenny's Sound - Steve Howe Trio
Sweet Thunder - Steve Howe Trio
Wish I'd Known All Along - Asia
Over & Over - Asia
Through My Veins - Asia
Light The Way - Asia
Hour Of Need (Long Version) - Yes
Reno (Silver & Gold) - Asia
Believe Again - Yes

CD Three

Traveller - Billy Currie
Time & A Word - Fish
Sweet Eternity - Paul Sutin & Steve Howe
Voyager - Paul Sutin & Steve Howe
Lily's In The Field - Paul Sutin & Steve Howe
TurnOf The Century - Steve Howe & Annie Hasam
Forgotten King - Oliver Wakeman & Steve Howe
Most Of A Man - Dean Dyson & Steve Howe*
Cross That Bridge - Keith West & Steve Howe*
Heaven - Keith West & Stve Howe*
Strange Girl - Keith West & Steve Howe*
Luxury Of Love - Keith West & Steve Howe*
Curved Ball - Keith West & Steve Howe*
Running In The Human Race - Max Bacon & Steve Howe*
Hot Touch - Max Bacon & Steve Howe*
Runaway - Max Bacon & Steve Howe*  
Forever - Max Bacon & Steve Howe*
Tell The Story - Max Bacon & Steve Howe*
Slim Pickins - Ray Fenwick & Steve Howe*

* Previously unreleased